A limited-time offer to explore the undisclosed area of the caves.

The annual cave exploration limited-time offer! Come explore undisclosed areas of the cave, and other rare sights with the help of our awesome tour instructor.


* Registration starts April 1, 2020.

※ Please make reservations.
Cool Okinawa Travel: http://www.coolokinawa.com/en/plan/play/d/138
Information more: info@gyokusendo.co.jp
※ Please make a reservation by the day before.

Japanese guide only.
We're sorry but our tour guide can speak Japanese only.



6 years of age and above.

(Minors under 10 years must be accompanied by guardian.)

¥ 3,000 (All-ages)

※Tours include helmets, headlamps and insurance fees.
There is a rental package deal for exploration gear. (Fee 1,000yen)

Rental clothes set
Rental fee ¥ 1,000

(Exploration suit / gloves / towel / water shoes)

Single item rental

• Exploration suit ¥ 800
• Water shoes ¥ 500
• Towel ¥ 100
• Gloves ¥ 100

Phone reservations

098-949-7421 (Okinawa World)

18th July – 31st August, 2020

Monday - Friday
① 10: 00 ② 11: 00
Saturdays, Sundays, Holiday
①10:00 ②11:00 ③14:00

1st September – 30th September, 2020

Monday - Friday 10: 00
Sat, Sun, Holiday ①10:00 ②13:00
* The cave exploration tour lasts 150 min.

Please come to the ticket office counter in Okinawa World 10 min before tour starting time.

Ask for the "Married couple day" or "ladies day" special when calling to make a reservation.

①"Married couple Day" is couple's discount for 3,000 yen on the following days (7/22, 8/22, 9/22).
② "Ladies Day" discount is every Wednesday for groups of 3 or more people, comes with free rental of exploration clothing gear.
* It is not possible to use both discounts combined.




Welcome to Gyokusendo-Cave

The annual cave exploration limited-time offer! Come explore undisclosed areas of the cave,
and other rare sights with the help of our awesome tour instructor.

Reservation • Inquiries


About 30 minutes by car from Naha Airport.

098-949-7421(Okinawa World)
Address / 〒 901-0616 Okinawa Prefecture Nanjo City Tamagusuku Maekawa 1336

MAPCODE: 232 495 330*28
TEL: 098-949-7421

Brochure Download (PDF) 1. 2.

Q & A

Q.1 Its my first time, but can I participate?
Yes. Just make sure you follow all directions from our cave exploration tour guide.

Q.2 I'd like to borrow a set of exploration clothes, but should I bring anything else?
Since there is a place to get on the water, we recommend that you wear a swimming suit under the exploration clothes.
Do not forget to bring a bigger towel or change of extra clothes.
Long-sleeved rash guards to wear with snorkeling gear etc are also OK to wear under your explorer clothes.

Please Note

① Please prepare the following items prior to participating.
Long-sleeved shirt, long pants, swimwear, shoes (exercise shoes and water shoes, etc. Sandals and crocs are not allowed) • gloves / towels • clothes • plastic bags for putting wet clothes.
*Please remember we do offer one day clothing rental service.

②You’d better put on swimwear underneath your regular clothes to pass through the where water is deep.

③Depending on weather conditions or typhoons the tour may be canceled.

※ There is a shower room where participants can change their clothes.
※ Coin lockers available. Please put your valuable items and other personal belongings.(Not free of charge)

「南の島の洞くつ探検」 Since 1986


「南の島の洞くつ探検」 Since 1986

Cave Exploration Rules and Warnings

Cave Exploration Rules and Warnings

・ Make sure to follow all directions and instructions given to you by our tour guide for your maximum safety. If an accident occurs due to unruly behavior we will not be held liable.

・ We will NOT accept customers under the below categories to participate in our tours: Customers who have been drinking alcohol the prior night and is hungover. Pregnant customers.Claustrophobic customers.

・ Customers who fall under the below category must notify our staff during registration, and prior to participation of tour.

・ Those who have medical condition(s) involving heart, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, or those suffering from diseases that require medication such as diabetes, epilepsy, etc.
※ Depending on the condition of the disease may not be able to participate in our tour.

・ The cave exploration tour goes through a special natural environment you are not familiar to, so please be careful in managing your physical condition before joining the tour.

・ For customers who do not rent out our exploration clothes and who are not wearing clothes fitting for tour participation, may either borrow exploration clothing or be refused to participate in the tour.

・ About insurance /Insurance name/Guarantee details/Please note that we can not assume liability outside the compensation range of insurance coverage.











남쪽섬 동굴탐험 주의사항
(참가전에 반드시 읽어주십시오)

・안전확보를 위해, 투어중에는 가이드의 안내 및 지시에 따라주십시오. 안내에 따르지 않아 발생한 사고에 대해서는 일절 책임지지 않습니다.

・아래에 해당하시는 분은 투어 참가가 불가능합니다.

음주중 또는 숙취가 있으신 분, 임신중이신 분, 폐쇄공포증이 있으신분

・아래에 해당하시는 분은 미리 의료기관에서 의사의 동의를 받아주십시오. 또한, 신청시에 반드시 사전신고를 부탁드립니다.

심장, 순환기계, 호흡기계 질환이 있으신분, 그리고 당뇨병, 발작등 상비약을 필요로 하는 질환이 있으신 분.

*질환의 정도에 따라 투어 참가가 불가능한 경우가 있습니다.

・동굴탐험 투어는 일상생활에서 경험할 수 없는 특수한 자연환경에서 이루어지기 때문에, 컨디션 관리에 충분히 주의해 주십시오.

・투어 참가에 적당하지 않은 복장을 하신 분은 당일 렌탈 탐험복 대여를 요구하거나, 참가를 거부하는 경우가 있습니다.

・보험에 대해서/보험명/보증내용/보험 보상범위 외의 책임은 질수 없으니 미리 양지하시기 바랍니다.

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